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We are the Department of Fisheries, Sabah, Malaysia and we welcome you to our home on the Internet.
We endeavour to make this website as useful and informative as possible to members of our client groups as well as to everyone from the general public. This website has a number of sections dedicated to information regarding our department such as our organisational setup, functions, services and programmes.

For interested readers, in particular we have the applications and procedures section where there are exhaustive information concerning applications that you may be interested in submitting. Researchers might want to look at the several research papers, industry profiles and statistics about Sabah's fisheries industry.

Under the Download Section there are a number of documents pertaining to fisheries subjects in general for your reading. The Picture Galleries offer many pictures of our local industry. For those in the fish trade, you might be keen in the Industry Section where there are Business Directory and the Business Forum. In addition, you can search our online database of registered Sabah fisheries exporters and importers. Before you leave, we would like to hear your opinions; please drop a line at our email address,

Please accept our invitation to surf through these pages.

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